About Lillie Timmons

My Story

Lillie Timmons was born, raised, and educated in the City of Sacramento California, and currently resides in Carmichael California located within Sacramento County. Her home is centrally located between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, two areas she adores. There is nothing more important to her than the strong love and bond she shares with her son and family. She has more then one hobby and interested in new tools, concepts, metals, and materials. She has extensive experience in the use of porcelain-slip, fabric, 14K wire, glass, acrylic and oil paint. She is constantly writing thoughts on post-it notes or scribbling on note
paper. She noticed her notes were beginning to take shape as a plot for a story. Always searching for the next challenge, she merged those ideas and wrote her first book. As a first time author she’s anxious to continue
on this journey hopeful readers will enjoy her stories.

"I wanted to leave something behind that proved I was here, I existed, I have a voice, and I think a talent for telling a story."

Lillie Timmons